About Us

Founded in 2016, FWD Clothing is a lifestyle brand inspired by life’s adventures through positivity, fun, & optimism.



Owner/Founder – Joey Graham

A traveler, knowledge-seeker, and easy-going guy who enjoys the simple things. Love new adventures and meeting new people. An avid sports fanatic! Enjoy great music. Any destination is a good destination for me so long as I am experiencing something new and having fun. Kicking back a beer, or two during my down time is something I enjoy! I am dedicated to my business pursuits and of course can always be seen rocking some FWD Clothing!

“Every product we create aims to capture something unique, fun, and/or impactful. Our lifestyle and our brand allow us to use our creativity to develop these unique, fun, and/or impactful products, which in turn relates to who we are as a company. Every person & every place has a unique story to share. It is our goal to be that connection for every customer and their stories all while promoting a positive & inspiring lifestyle. It’s important to remember that no matter what happens in life, through the highs and lows, we all must live life in a forward fashion because the best is just ahead!” – Joey Graham

Favorite Quote: “Live as if you feel that lighting can strike at anytime!”
Favorite Book(s): Shoe Dog: Phil Knight Memoir, Life is Good The Book, The Defining Decade, The Mask of Masculinity, Crushing It, & Lone Survivor
Role Model(s): My Entire Family. They each bring a certain something into my life that has impacted and inspired me to do something great.
Best Advice Ever Given: A lot of people will tell you that you cannot do something. NEVER listen to them, just go out and prove them wrong.



Creative Director – Joe Minham

Lives to bring brands to life.
Through website, advertisement and product development.
Visual communication is an open canvas full of opportunity.


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