About Us


Owner/Co-Founder – Joey Graham   Creative Director/Co-Founder – Joe Minham


Insanely Soft Clothing | Design Focused & Surf Inspired

Nashville | LA 

㋡ Good Vibes Ahead 


We always talked about how life is filled with many ups and downs. The one central theme that constantly popped up during those conversations centered around riding the wave of life & moving forward with an optimistic mindset that good things were ahead! Like any great business, it started out as just an idea; However, it quickly turned into more. 

With similar interests in the surf & skate culture, our love for the outdoors, and aspirations to spread good vibes, FWD Clothing Company was born.

Our mission was simple:

Create Insanely Soft Clothing that is design focused & Surf inspired for the ㋡ good vibes ahead!

In April 2016, we found the perfect 1968 "good vibes" VW Bus that we turned into our mobile retail shop. That bus was something iconic and allowed us to bring the surf, skate, & outdoor inspired lifestyle to Nashville. It was exactly what we needed to connect our brand, our mission, and our clothing with the world around us! 

Securing a mobile retail store allowed us to partner with amazing local non-profits like Make-A-Wish of Middle TN.

In December 2020, after an insanely wild year, we built and opened our first flagship store in Nashville, TN. We are located in the trendy 12 south district if you're ever in the area and want to experience the good vibes in person! We promise, you'll leave with a guaranteed smile 

Once you shop with us, you are more than a customer, you are an extension of THE FWD FAM. You help us continue to create fun & insanely soft clothing while making an impact on those around us! For that, WE THANK YOU!!!

“With consistent hard work, a patient attitude, and genuine relationships, any idea can be brought to life. You just have to start!” Joey Graham & his C-P-R approach to business and life!

"Visual communication is an open canvas full of opportunity!" - Joe Minham & his approach to bringing brands to life!