About FWD Clothing

~ Take the Wave ~

What's up!? Welcome to FWD Clothing - A brand founded by two average Joe's who bonded over the things they love: Sandy beaches, clear waters, live music, great food, good beer, sports, family, friends, and all the beautiful places around the world.

To appreciate the amazing things in life is to understand & respect the difficulties too! Like when a wave forms - it gains momentum, builds up to its crest, and eventually, comes barreling down. Sometimes, that's how life can play out too! Regardless of what wave comes your way, take it, and move FWD!

What began as us "slangin'" tees out of a 68' VW bus, has since grown into a full lifestyle brand, anchored by our flagship store located in Nashville, TN. 

Our blend of comfort and design has allowed us to create fun and timeless apparel so you can take the wave whenever, and wherever, it appears!

All the goods are designed here in Nashville - A town where good times roll and creative inspiration runs free! Each collection is tastefully curated to pay homage to the people, places, and things we love.




Owner/Co-Founders – Joey Graham & Joe Minham


“With consistent hard work, a patient attitude, and genuine relationships, any idea can be brought to life. You just have to start!” Joey Graham & his C-P-R approach to business and life! 


"Visual communication is an open canvas full of opportunity" - Joe Minham & his approach to bringing brands to life!